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The Allurion gastric balloon:
An innovative weight loss solution

allurion balloon perth

Allurion Balloon Perth

Understanding the Allurion gastric balloon

Trying to lose weight can feel daunting. Luckily, there are now more effective and tailored options available than ever before. One standout solution is the Allurion Gastric Balloon.

Unlike some of the more invasive procedures such as the gastric sleeve or bypass, the Allurion gastric balloon doesn’t require surgery, anaesthesia, endoscopy or hospital admission, and therefore is considered a less invasive procedure.

Furthermore, the Allurion program focuses on the bigger picture. It’s designed to guide and support you in building sustainable, healthier eating habits. It’s about offering a holistic, trusted approach for long-term well-being.

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Gastric Balloon Perth Benefits

What makes the Allurion program unique?

The standout features of the Allurion gastric balloon include:


No surgery, endoscopy, or anaesthesia is needed.

Minimal risks

Without the surgical component, the associated risks are significantly reduced.

Swift process

There's no hospital stay required.

How does it work?

No surgery required

Indeed, there is no surgery required. That means there are minimal risks and there are no recovery times.

During the process, you will swallow a small capsule tethered to a catheter, which helps in accurate placement. The placement of the gastric balloon is confirmed with an X-ray, after which the balloon is filled with 550ml of water through the catheter. A final X-ray ensures the balloon is filled correctly, and then the catheter is delicately removed.

The balloon remains in the stomach for about 16 weeks. A unique technology then causes the balloon to deflate, allowing it to progress through the digestive system and be expelled naturally. This clever approach gives you a gentle push, both physically and mentally, towards choosing healthier portion sizes and building better eating habits.

The expected weight loss

Find out how much weight you can expect to lose

Comprehensive support

What is included?

The Allurion program is not just about the balloon; it’s a holistic approach that emphasises a healthier lifestyle and a renewed relationship with food.

Balloon placement

This is done under x-ray guidance, ensuring safety and precision.

You can opt for one or two balloon placements, depending on the program you have chosen.

Digital tools

The Allurion package includes digital scales, a smartwatch, and an app to track progress.

Support from healthcare professionals

You have access to an exercise program, our dietitians, coach Iris Plus and Facebook support.

The number of visits you have with our dietitians and exercise physiologists depends on your chosen program level. Check our range of personalised weight loss programs here.

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